Why Seasio Was Created

Laura and Lauren are from completely different career backgrounds, however they both share a passion in wellness and looking after your mind and body. Both have connected with water in very different ways. One as a professional surfer and for rehabilitation and the other to travel the world before setting up a London based business, but both appreciate, and value water's unique power.

They have combined their years of experience to curate a collection of retreats that share their personal experiences with water, and offer something for anyone, from any background. 

Meet Your Hosts


Laura Crane

Laura's passion for the Ocean comes as no surprise. Having competed professionally as a surfer from the age of 13 Laura has more recently learnt the love of cold water swimming and its benefits both mentally and physically. Laura can’t wait to share the experience with you on what is set to be a very exciting new venture.


Lauren Dickinson

Lauren runs a fast paced business in London and is combining her love for the outdoors and passion for looking after your mental and physical health to gain balance and also project the message of taking time out to reset, refocus and finding yourself.

Protect Our Oceans

We are passionately dedicated to keeping our water clean and plastic-free. That's why we will take time to check the local beaches for rubbish and work on creating a sustainable experience.

Our retreats are created from the heart. We curate experiences that support the local communities and take measures in protecting our coastlines.